Bonsai with Brush Cherries – January 26, 2019, 9:30 – 3:00pm


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Eugenia myrtifolia (Brush Cherry) Workshop

Brush cherries are a tropical plant, needing a good sunny window or the addition of a grow light. They’re a compact tree with small, brilliant green foliage. White flowers in mid-summer produce fuchsia-colored fruit. A real vigorous grower with lots of eye appeal! They can adapt well to any bonsai style with regular pruning.

This workshop includes an established plant along with detailed discussion on care. It includes everything you’ll need (pottery, soil, and wire) to a make a nice bonsai. It’s ideal for beginner and novice bonsai enthusiasts. You’ll get to take your tree home with you after the class.

Age limit: 10 years to adult.
Pre-registration required, no walk-ins please.
Class size limit: 8