February-17-2024 Portulacaria Afra Workshop

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A native to South Africa, P. Afra is a wonderful tree having small leaves while producing a big heavy trunk.

Some common names for  Portulacaria are "Elephanat Bush, "Mini Jade" but don't allow yourself to be confused with Crassula Ovata or the common Jade.  Portulacaria is superior to C. Ovata in the bonsai hobby because is has a much smaller leaf and close internodes.

We consider it a moderate fast grower needing full sun or a full spectrum grow light. Prefers watering when the soil dries.  Do not over water.

Workshop will include  professional instruction, mature tree, ceramic pot, tools to use and all the  other necessary items to finish your tree. Tree is taken home at the end of the program.

Time 9:30am - 3:30pm

Date February 17, 2024

All must register to attend. Seating is limited. Sorry no walk-ins.